Specialist bags


Specialist bags

As name suggest Specialist bags are used for special purpose applications. 'Specialist bags' include film front bags, high density food bags, vacuum pouch bags, net bags, poly gloves, tenax sleeving and many more.

Understand Specialist bags' material, unique properties and typical use.

Major UK suppliers:

Standards for 'Specialist bags' to use for food contact and medical application

Food Contact - To use 'Specialist bags' inside European Union, in contact with food should comply with the relevant legislation on food contact including Great Britain.

Medical use - Similarly, to use 'Specialist bags' inside European Union, to produce containers for preparations for medico-pharmaceutical purposes should comply with the following regulation:

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Unusual uses - Find out, What To Do With All Those Net Produce Bags...

Readers write: more ideas and tips for plastic net produce bags

Surely you don't just throw out those plastic mesh bags?

If you shop for fresh produce at all, you probably have on hand more than one of those plastic mesh bags, with or without produce in them. Rather than throwing them out, why not substitute them for other things you need (and that you pay good money for!)?

Some of them are rather stiff, just like the plastic scrub pads that you buy for dishes. The most common and frugal way of using mesh bags for that purpose is to wad them up and/or sew them into a more or less round shape. However, if you tie a few into one length then loosely crochet or knit them into a square, they'll last longer and work better. AMD they're easier to hold on to when scrubbing.

If you're not really concerned about making them last - as in you have an abundance - here are some other ways to use them in place of "boughten" merchandise:

Just like plastic bags and cardboard, net produce bags can be thought of as raw material for any number of uses. Do you have a use not listed here? Submit it!

And don't throw out that net bag. More tips and ideas sent in by the readers are on the next page. There are plenty of uses for plastic net produce bags, as evidenced by the tips the readers of Frugal Living are still sending in.

If you have a new idea or one that isn't on our list on this page or the preceding page, submit it and I'll add it to the list so we can all use it.