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High Tensile bags/film have improved strength properties compared to standard polybags/polythene film at a given thickness therefore saves material and cost.

High tensile bags/film are also known as 'HT' or 'high strength' bags/film.

This bags are highly popular in meat/food packaging industry. HT bags are ideal where extra bag strength or thickness reduction is required.

How it is made?

High tensile (HT) bags are generally made using blend of two or more polythene to achieve desired physical properties.

Single-layer(mono)'HT' films would be a blend of low and medium density polythene. However, 'HT' film is also made using co-extruded technology.

Major UK suppliers:

Product specification

Common materials used for 'High Tensile'(HT) bags:

Available Thickness:

80 Gauge(20microns) to 250 Gauge(62.5microns)


Normally, 'High Tensile(HT) bags' in Great Britain should follow widely accepted industrial standards according to British Standard - see BS7344, 1990

Standards for 'High Tensile(HT) bags' to use for food contact and medical application:

Food Contact – To use High Tensile(HT) bags inside European Union, in contact with food should comply with the relevant legislation on food contact including Great Britain.

Medical use – Similarly, to use High Tensile(HT) bags inside European Union, to produce containers for preparations for medico-pharmaceutical purposes should comply with the following regulation:

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